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While our AI Job matching system provides Job leads directly to your dashboard if you have a Job Seeker profile with MyOpportunity, we have also created a self service Job Board so you can find Job opportunities with us on your own. Any member profile type can search and explore and apply for jobs, maybe your interested in leaving your current employment or interested in additional employment opportunities. Below you will find all the necessary information on how to use the MyOpportunity Job Board tools to find a Job on your own that fits the criteria your looking for. When looking for a Job make sure you enter the proper information in the two searchable data fields, 1.) (What) data field, you can add a combination of (Job Title, Keywords, Company Name) can be entered. 2.) (Where) data field, only one location detail (City, State, ZIP Code) can be entered at a time. Basic Example A.) What: Sales, Where: Los Angeles, Company Name ExampleB.)What: Programmer Microsoft, Where: Seattle Washington. Zip Code Example C.) What: Teacher, Where: 85003.


  • Multiple Job Search Portals: Our Job search engine provides multiple partner portals to search for jobs.
  • Easy to use search fields: Find Jobs easily, (What? IE: Job Title, Keywords, Company Name), (Where? IE: City, State, Zip Code or Country).
  • Jobs Applied for: Red Applied Icon references in the Bookmark(s) & Jobs I Applied for list for easy refernce to Jobs that you applied to with a date stamp.
  • Bookmark(s): Yellow star tracking system with easy tag visibility in Jobs your Bookmark(s) & Jobs you applied for for list. Easy reference of Jobs that are Bookmarked, Jobs that you Applied for and Bookmarked with date stamps.
  • Job Listings Info: Job Listing List with Jobs available with counter.
  • Jobs Basic Description: Job Title, Company, Category, Job Post Date, Location, Description.
  • Easy Apply Now Icon to apply for a Job.
  • Search History: Drop down list of all the Jobs you searched for by What?, By Where? and the search date stamp.
  • Easy to use Job Help information page.

Image: Bookmark(s) & Jobs I Applied for list

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Image: Job Listing List

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Image: Job Description

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