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  • Our Job Seeker Signup Process, Screenshots and Important Information

    For detailed & valuable information on creating a Job Seeker Profile with Opportunity, Click Here
    We also have a New Job Board for 2021 where you can also look for Jobs on your own besides our AI matching system. Find out more….Click Here

  • Our Advanced AI Matching System

    Complex AI connects you with our other users by Matching profiles with the following criteria.

    • By over 400 different Industries.
    • By over 100 different Interests.
    • By over 1000 different Skill Sets.
    • In up to 190+ Countries.
    • Matches profiles by over 9 different types of specific metrics.

  • Direct Message your Contacts your looking for Employment

    PRO members have access to mass messaging system (10,000 per month to imported contacts, 2,000 per month to recruiter leads).

  • We make finding a Job Easy

    PRO members have access to a one-click Quick Apply feature to make it faster & easier to apply for jobs.

    Job seekers can text other members (including recruiters) that have added their number and approved this feature.

  • Member Badge Verification is Simple

    PRO members who also provide their LinkedIn URL and import their contacts can be verified, which means they receive a badge notifying recruiters that MyOpportunity has verified their profile to be real. This added sense of security makes job seeker profiles more attractive to recruiters.

  • Extensive Job Information for Recruiters & Hiring Managers to Look at related to your Job Profile!

    Your Profile provides detailed information to help our AI matching system locate a relevant Job based on all your detailed information and criteria. Job Seeker Profile Data Fields, 1-15 Steps, see the list below.

  • Job Seeker Profile Data Settings

    Step 1.) Start of your Job Seeker Profile

    • Upload a Professional Image

    • Your Full Name
    • Your Linkedin Profile
    • Your Physical Location


    Step 2.) Options for:

    •  I am willing to Relocate
    •  I am ACTIVELY looking for work
    •  I am PASSIVELY looking for work

    • Professional Bio, 500 Characters
    • Upload My Resume (CV)


    Step 3.) Employment Type (Options, Drop Down List)

    • Full Time
    • Part Time
    • Freelance

    Step 4.) Professional Experience

    • Over 400 Industries to choose from members can add up to 5 Industries.


    Step 5.) Professional Skills

    • Over 900 Skill Sets to choose from members can add add up to 5 Skill Sets.


    Step 6.) Career Level (Options, Drop Down List)

    • Associate
    • Entry Level
    • Internship
    • Volunteer
    • Mid Senior Level
    • Executive
    • Director


    Step 7.) Regions

    Add additional regions that you would be interested in receiving job matches from.


  • Con’t…..

    Step 8.) Education (Highest Level Completed, Options)

    • High School (Secondary Education)
    • 2 Year College (Associates Degree or
    • 4 Year College (Bachelor’s Degree)
    • Masters Degree
    • Doctoral Degree (e.g.M.D.,Juris, etc.)
    • Vocational Training
    • Other

    Step 9.) Graduation Year

    • Graduation Year (Selection Drop Down List)

    Step 10.) Expected salary

    • Ranges from $25,000-$200,000+ or Commission Only, Multiple Options available (Selection Drop Down List)

    Step 11.) What matters most to you about a new job?

    • Multiple Options available (Selection Drop Down List)

    Step 12.) What type of company culture do you work best in?

    • Multiple Options available (Selection Drop Down List)

    Step 13.) What type of supervisor/manager do you work best under?

    • Multiple Options available (Selection Drop Down List)

    Step 14.) Do you consider yourself to be Extroverted (Outgoing), Etc…

    • Multiple Options available (Selection Drop Down List)

    Step 15.) The type of work schedule I would like…

    • Multiple Options available (Selection Drop Down List)


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