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MyOpportunity Hiring Manager/Recruiter Membership Benefits

  • Our Hiring Manager Signup Process, Screenshots And Important Information

    For detailed & valuable information on creating a Hiring Manager Profile with Opportunity, Click Here

  • Easy Communication With Leads

    Advanced Communications – communicate with your leads through our internal messaging system, direct email, bulk emails, our mobile SMS & more.

  • Free and Inexpensive Job Postings with a Pro Membership Account

    Basic Membership, Post 1 job posting Per Month for free.

    Pro Membership, Post up to 10 detailed job openings each month for as little as $49 per month with a Pro Membership.

  • Advanced Candidate Matching

    Be alerted in real-time about qualified job candidates based on over 20 different criteria including Employment Level, Skill Sets, Salary Expectations, Company Culture, Experience, Managerial Preferences, and more…


    With millions of members in our job pool, MyOpportunity.com will provide hiring managers and recruiters with an array of possibilities.

  • Our Advanced AI Matching System

    Complex AI connects you with our other users by Matching profiles with the following criteria.

    • By over 400 different Industries.
    • By over 100 different Interests.
    • By over 1000 different Skill Sets.
    • In up to 190+ Countries.
    • Matches profiles by over 9 different types of specific metrics.

  • Just a few Important Features and Tools!

    Clone Feature, provides the ability to make a copy of an existing Job Post you have already used or created and make any required changes you need to re-market the Job to different locations without having to recreate a new Job Post from scratch. This is very useful for Remote Working positions or for Freelancers that you want to Post a Job for in different locations.
    • (Date Stamps) Date references for each Job Posting showing Date Created and for how many Days the Job will be listed before it expires.
    Edit, Re-Edit, Disable any Job Posting(s) at anytime.
    Email Reminders You will receive several Email Reminders, one within a week and one day in advance of your active Job Posting[s] expiring.
    And much more…

  • Get Started Today!

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Connect quickly with sales leads, hiring managers, job candidates and more. Manage all of your opportunities from anywhere in the world.

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