Meaningful Relationships - Opportunity

What makes a MyOpportunity Dating Membership Unique?

  • Real-Time Matching

    We provide real-time date matching with potential love interests based on your criteria.

  • Global Access to Quality Dating

    Use our dating services to meet like minded members who value quality dating with serious professionals looking for authentic dating experiences.

  • Leave The Swiping To Us

    We help to make finding “the one” easier. Our unsurpassed dating algorithm takes the swiping and searching out of online dating.

  • Love Within Your Network

    Thanks to our advanced lead matching technology, you can upload your own email contacts to see if there’s someone waiting to meet you within your own extended network .

  • Your Identity

    To help protect your identity, only your First Name and the Initial Letter of your Last name is show in your profile to other members. We value your personal privacy and safety!

Our mobile app alerts you when Opportunities are nearby.

With you wherever you are!

Connect quickly with sales leads, hiring managers, job candidates and more. Manage all of your opportunities from anywhere in the world.

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