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Signing-Up for a Hiring Manager Profile (6 Steps)

Opportunity lets you Post Jobs anywhere in the world easily and effectively. On the contrary, our business network intelligence platform is built on artificial intelligence that ups your chances of securing a leading job applicant significantly. We use the best AI data science in opportunity algorithms to make sure that you are matched with Job Seekers that are suited to your requirements in a job candidate for both social and professional skills. Our network currently has a constant influx of users seeking jobs and employment opportunities everyday. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be connected to the people who matter expediting your connection with your next job candidate search and facilitating quick, clear digital communication.

How to Reach Job Seekers-Creating An Opportunity Hiring Manager Profile

Not a member? Head to MyOpportunity.com, fill in your Email address and select ‘Get Started – Free Forever. All the data entered is very important in order for our AI matching system to locate matches relevant to your needs, so make sure all the data you provide is accurate. Just entering the wrong physical location will produce irrelevant matches and leads. Upgrade to a Pro Membership with more benefits after you have signed up for a Free Basic Membership, need more information on a Basic Membership versus a Pro MembershipLink: Click Here, Pro Upgrade Link: Click Here, Sign Up: Click Here.

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Check ‘Post a Job’ and select ‘Next’.

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Ensure your email address is entered correctly (Very Important!), all notifications and messages, AI matched lead generations from Opportunity and Members are sent to your Email account besides our members dashboard Messaging System, if your Email address is incorrect or not valid our platform will not work for you effectively or at all. Next input your first and last name, and create a memorable password before completely the Captcha and selecting ‘Next’.

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Input your Phone Number and Linkedin Profile URL before selecting ‘Next’.

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Specify your location being sure to input your exact city location so that matches are precisely relevant to you. If your hiring for remote work at home it is not an issue or if it is a Job in another city or other states, you can change the physical location of the Job\Jobs when you post them.

List up to 5 different industries or industry descriptions that you Hire for. You can change these descriptions at any time in your user dashboard.

Choose a professional Photo of Yourself or a Company Logo for your profile, then click on the Create account Button that completes the signup process.

Our mobile app alerts you when Opportunities are nearby.

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