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Signing-Up for a Job Seeker Profile (6 Steps)

Opportunity lets you look for jobs effectively. On the contrary, our business network intelligence platform is built on artificial intelligence that ups your chances of securing a leading position significantly. We use the best AI data science in opportunity algorithms to make sure that you are matched with the companies that are suited to your social and professional skills. Our network currently has over 145,000 industry-leading recruiters in the United States alone while boasting global coverage. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be connected to the people who matter expediting your job search and facilitating quick, clear digital communication. Important! Keep an eye on your Email for daily Job Alerts that will contain current Job matches for you to look at and apply to.

How To Supercharge Your Job Search – Creating An Opportunity Job Seeker Profile

Not a member? Head to, fill in your Email address and select ‘Get Started – Free Forever. All the data entered is very important in order for our AI matching system to locate matches relevant to your needs, so make sure all the data you provide is accurate. Just entering the wrong physical location will produce irrelevant matches and leads. Upgrade to a Pro Membership with more benefits after you have signed up for a Free Basic Membership, need more information on a Basic Membership versus a Pro Membership, Link: Click Here, Pro Upgrade Link: Click Here, Sign Up: Click Here.

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Check ‘Find a Job’ and select ‘Next’.

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Ensure your email address is entered correctly (Very Important!), all notifications and messages, AI matched lead generations from Opportunity and Members are sent to your Email account besides our members dashboard Messaging System, if your Email address is incorrect or not valid our platform will not work for you effectively or at all. Next input your first and last name, and create a memorable password before completely the Captcha and selecting ‘Next’.

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Input up to ten skills citing your experience for each before selecting ‘Next’.

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Complete all the additional information requested in order to let Opportunity’s AI match you to Hiring Managers and Recruiters effectively before selecting ‘Next’ (Don’t forget to link your LinkedIn profile for the best results).

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Specify your location being sure to input your exact address so that matches are precisely relevant to you.

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Choose a up to date Professional looking Photo for your Job Seeker profile.

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Congratulations, your account is created. Confirm your email to validate your Opportunity Profile.

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You’ll automatically proceed to your Opportunity Job Seeker Dashboard but we encourage you to create a Networker Profile as well. It takes only a minute to set up and vastly expands the opportunities available to you.

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How To Build A Stunning Job Seeker Profile

There are a number of components to building a stunning Opportunity Job Seeker Profile. With a stand-out presence on our platform, you’re guaranteed the attention of the top Hiring Managers and Recruiters in your field. Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to build a profile that’ll get you noticed.

Always Upload A Comprehensive Resume

No matter what type of work you do, always create a comprehensive but concise resume that stays current to your personal advancements and career trajectory. The resume that landed you a job in yesteryear’s markets may just get overlooked by a leader looking for initiative, innovation, and self-driven individuals only. It not only vital to connect your resume to Opportunity. You need to make sure that it contains an impactful representation of you as a professional asset. When you connect your resume to our AI-powered platform, you not only take advantage of our industry-leading algorithm to locate new job opportunities but also harness the power of to aid in your search. If you don’t upload your Resume our AI message system will periodically remind you to do so.

Take The Perfect Profile Pic

Pick out a profile image that’s professional and welcoming. Make sure that your face is in full view and that the image resolution is as high as possible. For the very best results, consider getting your photo taken by a professional. All profile pictures should be current and consistent across all platforms. Lighting makes the biggest difference to all photographs, so make sure that the lighting enhances your features instead of exposing skin imperfections. Make sure that your background is aligned to your personality and professionalism without letting it distract from the focus – you. Stay open, friendly and accommodating while having the photo taken. Everyone can read your body language whether they realize it or not so remain expressive and happy. By the way, research shows that your left side is more expressive, so consider this when striking a pose.

Set An Accurate Location

Make sure that you set your location to exactly where you live so that relevant leads are accurately matched to your Profile requirements.

Write An Impactful Personal Bio

One of the most important things you will ever write is your ever-evolving personal bio. You’re never the same person you were yesterday, right? This means that every-so-often, your succinct, memorable bio needs to change as well. Write a strategic, concise third-person introduction that includes your contact information in perfect, flowing English. Let it reflect you as you see yourself from an outside perspective but with inside knowledge. Be human, but be the best you can see and say.

Set Your Employment Type

Depending on your situation, you may need to be flexible and changeable regarding your employment type. If your industry or role is saturated with few jobs in demand, try switching to part-time work.

Pick Out Professional Skills

Pick out your professional skills listing as many as are relevant. The more skills you list, the better but always represent yourself and degree of experience accurately and honestly.

Configure Career Level

One should never undersell yourself, but if you are not finding success with your current career level setting, then consider adjusting to open up your search to positions of lower seniority.

Cite Professional Experience

Your professional experience is a testament to your ability in your field while also giving potential employers a concise overview of your general work ethic, practical value, and pay scale. List recent career info.

Set Your Salary Range

Set your salary range, but once again, if you don’t find success, trying both lower and higher brackets may fruit success.

Assign A Region or Regions

Opportunity lets you assign up to five regions for your search when using a free profile, and a Pro membership allows unlimited location targeting for those networking in global markets. Use these connections to your advantage to expand and define your matching and networking.

Stay On Top Of Your Game

Here at Opportunity, we fully realize the challenges faced by every individual in today’s challenging world. Business is no longer what it used to be, but the lessons that we take along with us open up endless avenues for those who are willing to change and while keeping a can-do attitude. Never run out of steam when you’ve got our hard-hitting videos ready to kickstart your motivation, problem-solving, or brainstorming session. After all, finding the right frame of mind is pivotal to flourishing in anything that you do. Opportunity’s Media Center is filled with everything that you need to push a little harder while smiling all the way. Be sure to consult our Blog for up-to-date industry insights that’ll put you at the forefront of the business world, giving you the edge in your job search.

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