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Each day MyOpportunity discovers MILLIONS of new opportunities among our members professional networks, resulting in countless numbers of new deals closed, employment opportunities and new relationships being forged. Market your business in a safe and secure environment. We provide protection for your brand and monitor traffic for any elements of fraud, we have strategic processes and procedures that restricts and eliminates bots. All Ad's submitted must be approved by our Ad department before they are launched. MyOpportunity provides a trusted place to build your personal and professional business presence online.

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Why MyOpportunity Banner Display Ad's

  • Create targeted Ad's for your Business, Services, Products.

  • High visiability with targeted marketing and message impact, available to both our Desktop and Mobile platforms.

  • Unsurpassed market accessibility. Expose your business in front of one of the largest professional networks, business leaders, decision makers and influencers.

  • Use opportunity Ad's both for prospecting new leads, developing those you already have, and converting who’s ready to take the next step to engauge with your product or service.

  • A Flexible calendar based scheduling system for time sensitive marketing.

  • Easy management options for all budgets, choose the amount of impressions you want to use for all your individual marketing campaigns.

  • Market to B2B and B2C customers to reach all your Opportunities.

  • Run multiple Ad campaigns at the same time and in multiple Cities, States or Countries.

  • Target and Reach Your Desired Audience

    Target leads by Over 500 industry definitions, industry experience and backgrounds, company name, personal interests or location. Reach people that can grow your network and your business. Extensive tools to effectively reach your marketing goals. Ad's for Desktop appear at the top of users dashboard screens and rotate between different Ad's. Ad's for Mobile appear at the bottom of users mobile screens and rotate between different Ad's. Create and Schedule your Ad's to run with our easy manage (Ad Begin and Ad End) calendar management system, making it easy to control how long your Ad runs.

    Available Features for Creating your Ad's

  • Run Multiple Ad's at the same time: Create targeted Ad's with different profiles and in different Industries while targeting different geographical area's.
  • Ad Naming: Create and Name all of Your Ad's individually for easy reference and tracking
  • Ad Profile Targeting: Select Sales Leads, Job Seekers, Hiring Managers, Networkers, Daters or any combination.
  • Ad Platform Delivery: Desktop or Desktop + Mobile
  • Target Individual or Multiple Industries: Choose up to 5 total from over 400 industries.
  • Ad Location Targeting: Up to 5 total locations of either City, State, Country
  • URL Ad Linking: Enter or copy and paste your URL, this will be the URL that users will be sent to when they click on your Ad.
  • Ad Calendar Scheduling System: Schedule your Ad's with start and end dates.
  • Ad Banner Appearance: Text Style Ad, Logo + Text Style Ad, Image Ad
  • Text Banner Ad Options: Change the Background color, Change the Text Color, Change the Text Alignment (Left, Center, Right)

  • Advertising Channel Options

    Partner Ad Channel
    The Partner Ad Channel, no membership required provides a very simple and effective method for 3rd party reputable companies that have products and services that are specifically suited for the Opportunity platform and our members interests can advertise. Your Products and Services must obtain approval prior to advertising with Opportunity. There is no monthly fee\membership for advertising with us only paid per each (1,000) impressions banner Ad's. This channel offers our partners a specific space for reaching a verified, large targeted audience. Once you setup your account, You can easily submit your company's proposed Ad to our Ad apporoval department for a quick review and response, usesually within 24 hours. You will not be billed for any Ad until approved by us. Easy to track Ad billing \ accounting system.

    Banner Ad Impression Pricing is as Follows:
    $ 30/1000 impressions, $ 55/2000 impressions, $ 75/3000 impressions
    Member Ad Channel
    The Member Ad Channel provides endless possibilities to increase your business and services exposure on our platform with Basic or Pro Memberships. Basic Memberships must pay for advertising and with a Pro Membership you get 1000 free impressions per month included. Market to who matters by leveraging the resources for our powerful Ad creation system. Use effective tools and our intuitive interface to reach your targeted audience. Generate leads, drive website traffic and build brand awareness. Creating a consistent online advertising presence in the Opportunity platform shows your serious about what you do and your commitment to helping and serving others. You can easily submit your company's proposed Ad to our Ad apporoval department for a quick review and response, useually within 24 hrs.. Pro members will receive 1000 free Ad impressions per month as part of your membership, with the ability to purchase additional Ad impressions. You will not be billed for any Ad's or additional Ad impressions purchased until they are approved by us.

    No Advertisers will be allowed to show Ad's with acts of Violence, Drugs, Fire Arms, Tobacco, or any Questionable Content, Offensive Language or Pornography will not be allowed. We have the right to not approve Ad's that are not aligned with our compamy policies or core values.

    Create Effective Text or Image Banner Ad's Easily and Quickly

    Expand Lead Generation, Increase Brand Awareness & Build Credibility

    Easily choose between both Desktop and Mobile or only Desktop and only Mobile Platforms to display your Ad's. Provide custom URL linking, so that when users click on your Ad' they are directed to the correct webpage or resource URL.
    Text Banner Ad Example
    368 x 60 Pixels
    Add a powerful Text Ad with a bold headline and a compelling text description and start reaching your target audience in minutes
    Image Banner Ad Example
    368 x 60 Pixels
    Use an engaging visual Image Ad with embedded text to really deliver your message to your target audience in minutes.

    Easy to read Ad performance statistics

    Propel your Marketing to a new Level!

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