Success Stories - Opportunity

Success Stories

I have a Pro membership. And have been using Opportunity since 2017. I find finding good candidates easier than many other platforms because I can send out mass emails, messages, post ads which is basically a short cut from many other sites. I highly recommend using the Opportunity Platform to recruiters and job seekers because this is one place you go to to look for a job and look for a candidate and finding both is much easier than a lot of the job sights I’ve used in the past.

Stephen Mueller
Executive Recruiter
Los Angeles, CA
Pro User since June of 2017

I’ve been using the Opportunity platform since mid of last year summer of 2018. I first signed up to the platform as a networker as I’m someone who just like to expand my connections being a financial analyst. I quickly realized I can use this service to find leads. I attended a webinar or two so I can learn how to use the system and since then I have increased my book of business by at least 30% without using it full steam.

Opportunity is a great place to go for leads.

Alex White
Investor and Financial Analyst
Dallas Texas
Pro User since March of 2018

I LOVE the MyOpportunity dating platform because I don’t have time to do the searching since I’m very focused on my company. The date matching function brings potential dates to me with real time notifications so I don’t have to make a single swipe. Amazing!!!

Erin Grover

Big Coin
Dublin Ireland
Pro user since Jan 2019

I signed up to the Opportunity platform because I was just laid off from my company. I’m a marketing director, MBA and had forgotten how to look for a job (after being employed for so many years). I was instantly matched up with a few recruiters in my area. And I am now fully employed. I will continue using MyOPP because I don’t want to ever go back to how it felt when I was first informed that I’m being laid off. I think you’re more valuable when you have a job so I want to keep my options open and keep my value up as an employee.

Lilian Chan
Job Seeker
Phoenix, AZ
Pro user since October 2018

I use OPP to connect to recruiters and to view job postings. Looking for a job using OPP is like a gold mine… you have so much networking to do available at your finger tips. I was laid off by the city of Burbank as a software engineer. I was able to connect with quiet a few recruiters in my field and ultimately land a great job…better than the one I had. The experience with OPP was a positive one and I highly recommend.

Brenda K Young
Job Seeker

Burbank, CA
Pro user since Nov 2018

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