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(Pro Membership Required)
Besides our individual standard profile search tools we provide members with our robust global search tool, that provides a advanced and powerful search engine with options to locate members outside your static profile settings. Need to connect with someone in the Opportunity network for a temporary assignment?, looking for a consultant to assist you with providing a personal or business solution?, need someone that offers a specific service you need right now! Search over 500 industries to find what your looking for. Instantly message these new resources from your dashboard for new connections and opportunities.

The global search tool can also be used to go outside of your standard profile types and settings for searches in other Regions, Industries or similar industries and all profile types or specific profile types. All these tools will substantially increase your connections to other members and users in the Opportunity platform. Please Note! that any new members that signup with MyOpportunity will not be available using our AI Global Search tool for 24 hrs. until our system processes all their data.

(Industries Supported)
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(Bookmark feature)
Add a bookmark to results you find important so that you can find them later with a single click under the global search icon when selected, a bookmark star will be shown over a members avatar image for easy reference. Additionally all bookmarked leads will appear in the (All) profiles icon in your desktop for easy reference of global searched results versus your other profile results.

(Notes field feature)
Add any important information and comments to this field, related to a specific member for reference at anytime. Works with the global search and all profiles in your standard desktop browser interface.

MyOpportunity User Dashboard GUI
Features Include
  1. Search by Name
  2. Search by Company Name
  3. Search all profile types or individual profiles
  4. Search all industries or search specific industries
  5. Search any Country
  6. Search by State
  7. Search by City
  8. Search by Bookmarks
  9. Search By Notes
  10. Search By Message Received
  11. Search By Message Unread
  12. Search By Message Sent
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Create Bookmark, New Connection Icons

Create Notes Icon
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Powerful Search Tool
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