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What Is Opportunity?

Opportunity is a 21st century business network that actively searches for opportunities (leads) to help grow your business, advance your career, create relationships and more. Opportunity uses a matching algorithm to:

  • Generate sales for businesses
  • Identify qualified job candidates for hiring managers
  • Discover employment opportunities for job seekers
  • Introduce people for the purpose of networking based on shared interests and more.
  • Connect professionals who want to date other professionals

To date, Opportunity has generated nearly 1 billion opportunities for millions of professionals around the world (190+ countries). Opportunity launched in 2014. To learn more about Opportunity watch this short video tutorial 

Millions of professionals from 190+ countries in every industry imaginable uses Opportunity everyday to grow their network, advance their business, further their career and create relationships. If you are a professional in need of sales leads, new job opportunities (or job candidates) or simply wish to grow your network in a more intelligent way, Opportunity is for you. We also have a dating profile option that allows you to connect with other professionals in a more meaningful way. 

Opportunity now lets you import contacts from  various Email accounts, such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook or just easily drag and drop contacts formatted in our simple CSV format into our Connect Your Networks page.

If you’re like most people, you have hundreds (maybe thousands) of contacts who know nothing about what you have to offer. Not only can you discover hidden business opportunities that exist within your network, but we also allow you to communicate with your contacts using our Mass Message feature which is a lightweight email markeing tool.
Invite them to join Opportunity and as they begin to realize what you do and have to offer we’ll make sure to let you know and make a connection! 
Step by step directions 

Yes and No. We provide a Basic Membership that allows you to access up to 15 opportunities for free to start. These are referred to as ‘unlocked’ leads – which you can message at any time. Each day you can unlock a limited amount of leads. If you have used the daily limit or the lead you try to unlock is a new premium lead, there will be a padlock icon next to that lead’s photo, indicating it’s locked status. For new premium leads there is a 36-hour cool-down period before these leads can be unlocked that you will see as a countdown timer when you open a locked premium lead. To access all your lead opportunities and  benefits users must upgrade to a PRO Membership level that has no restrictions. In addition to being able to unlock all of your leads, our PRO Membership allows you to access all of the features and tools within the Opportunity platform this will allow you to continue to generate unlimited opportunities each day as well as more advanced ways to promote yourself, your business and communicate with others. Link:Pricing

Creating a profile takes less than 2 minutes – much less time than is required by most other networks. We ask for basic information (name, email, etc)… as well as a series of questions needed to help begin to find you opportunities. Depending upon which profile type you choose this may include: which industries you are involved in, your skills, employment type, where you do business or seek employment (regions), which types of people you would like to connect with (based on interests, gender, age), and more.

First and foremost, Opportunity is a professional network designed to match people based on business goals (employment, sales, networking and more). Starting in 2018, Opportunity released a new user option that matches professionals for the purpose of dating (currently in beta).  As with all other profile types, the dating profile experience is kept completely separate from the other experiences (employment, sales, networking, etc.).  For more information about Opportunity for Dating watch the video

Unlike other business networks which require you to waste time searching through thousands of profiles to uncover opportunities, Opportunity does the work for you. Each day our system scans our network of millions of professional profiles to proactively match (and connect) you with people who have indicated they need your services, skills and more. Opportunity is all about connecting you with people you should know not the people you already know. In short, we’re an automated online professional matchmaker that never stops generating leads.

We have NO affiliation with LinkedIn.

Our matching algorithm uses basic information contained in your profile to match you with other Opportunity members who are in need of your service or skills. Depending upon which profile type you choose, we take into account such things as Industry Types, Skills, Location, Company Size, Employment Types and more… Our algorithm drills even deeper to discover other commonalities between you and others such as Gender Preferences, Hometowns, Age Preferences, Interests, Job Preferences as well as people you already know who you have in common.  Additionally, Opportunity is able to discover hidden leads among your existing networks (such as LinkedIn) and Email contacts. Each time someone in your existing networks join Opportunity and indicate they need what you offer (and vice versa), we let you (and them) know of the opportunity!  Our advanced lead matching algorithms that connect users from our 5,000,000+ network to opportunities based on variables that identify ‘who needs who or what’ anywhere in the world at anytime. Results are reported in real-time so members can take immediate action.

The global search tool can be used to immediately go outside your standard profile settings for searches in other Regions, Industries or similar industries and all profile types or specific profile types. All these tools will substantialy increase your connections to other members and users in the Opportuinity platform. Adding a bookmark to a Members profile provides a simple method of easily locating their profile again, also bookmarked members will show up in the (All) profiles list. For more information, Click Here.

The Hiring Manager profile allows you to post job openings that will be matched to the millions of job seekers currently looking for jobs opportunity.  Your first job posting is free of charge. To post multiple (or unlimited) job openings requires PRO Membership. Job Postings are matched with job seekers across a number of variables including: location, industry, skills, personality, managerial style, company culture, employment level, education, salary requirements and more. Job seekers can quickly apply to job postings using the Quick Apply feature – which includes a link to their LinkedIn profile URL. To learn more about posting a job watch our short video tutorial

Yes! The Apps are available for both iOS and Android. The mobile app serves as a companion app to our website – allowing you to manage your opportunities (label them, message them, etc). Additionally, our mobile app will notify you each time we identify someone in your vicinity who can bring you an opportunity (a new sales opportunity, job opportunity, etc).

From your user dashboard, to change your Email address, you’ll need to click the arrow next to your avatar image and name in the far right corner of your user dashboard. A drop down list will appear, select Account from the list. Under Contact Info Your Email. Change as needed, make sure it’s correct or you will not be able to login again, also make sure to hit the save button at the bottom of the page to update the changes.

From your user dashboard, to change your password, you’ll need to click the arrow next to your avatar image and name in the far right corner of your user dashboard. A drop down list will appear, select Account from the list. Scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see the Change password settings. Enter your current password in the first data field, the enter the new password in the second data field, make sure to hit the save button at the bottom of the page to update the changes.

If you are having a difficult time receiving your Password it may be due to your email settings / preferences filtering our email. Please check your Spam folder. If you are unable to locate your Password Request, please email [email protected]. One of our support specialists will be able to assist you.

Registered Members, you must be logged into your account first, then you can edit your membership by visiting this link Upgrade to Pro Membership Page. This page is also accessible from your Dashboard, you’ll need to click the arrow next to your avatar image and name in the far right corner of your user dashboard. A drop down list will appear, select Upgrade Plan or Account from the list. All your plan options\settings are under Membership.

Yes! Under (Privacy Settings) We allow you to add specific email addresses and company URL’s to an exclusion list within your account – which prevents specific people from being matched with you and/or becoming aware of your profile. Additionally, we provide you with the ability to prevent your profile from being indexed (searchable) on search engines such as Google, etc. You can manage all of this on your Account Settings Page. Make sure you hit the Save Button at the bottom of the page to update your changes.

If you upgraded on your mobile device through an app, you will have to handle that subscription via your mobile phone in your app store. This is a regulation through the app stores with any paid subscription purchased through them. Please see below on how to do this on both an iPhone and an Android phone. Deleting the app does not prevent charges through the app store. To manage subscriptions on each device visit:

* iOS:

* Android:

Pro Membership Required: There are two sending options. 1. The ability to send up to 2,000 messages to MyOpportunity leads per month 2. The ability to send up to 10,000 Uploaded new or existing Linkedin contacts per month. If you exceed these numbers you will receive a popup notice in your mass messaging menu indicating you have to wait until the next 30 day period starts again. Please Note! Messages can take up to 12 hours to be delivered.

To add more regions, you’ll need to edit your profile. To edit your profile(s), click the arrow next to your avatar image and name in the far right corner of your user dashboard. Then, select the profile you would like to add more regions to (Sales Lead, Networker, Job Seeker, Hiring Manager). You will see three (3) options on the top of your page; Your profile type, Settings and Statistics. Click on Settings. You will now be able to ‘Add a additional Region or regions’. Basic Members can add up to 5 regions. PRO Members can add up to 20. Make sure you hit the save button at the bottom of the page to update your changes.

Email our support team at [email protected] and request to have your industry or skill added. If your request is in high demand, we will quickly add it to our list of options. Note: You may not receive leads for a few weeks or longer until other members begin adding the new industry to their profile.

To upload/update your profile picture, click your name in the far right corner of your Dashboard. Then, select View\Edit Profile, next select the profile you wish to update. The profile menu should open and already be in edit mode, if it is not, then select Edit at the top right of the menu. Next select Upload to change your image. If the image needs cropping the select the Crop Image tool to the right of your image. Make sure you hit the Save button at the bottom of the page, or your new profile picture will not be updated.

Message Bell

The Message Notifications Bell at the top of your dashboard shows that you have new messages from other Members or from MyOpportunity related to new features, tools or helpful messages related to the platform. The  Message Notifications Bell will shake when new messages are available,  shown with a numeric value indicating the number of messages you have, that have not been viewed yet. Make sure you click on each message individually to see the complete message. If you do not see the compete message from other members, make sure your in the Messages tab for that users profile.

Yes. Your payment details are processed by Braintree, one of the world’s top payment processors. We do not process or store any personal details of your credit card or Paypal account information on our servers.

Opportunity will ban your account if enough people complain that your account is involved in ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ – which may include spamming, sending fraudulent information (i.e. scamming) or questionable content, Your account falsely represents, mis-represents someone else or a company. Hiring Manager Profile, posting a Job that is not a valid Job posting or not a Job posting. Selling illegal products or services. Signing up fake accounts or multiple fake accounts. If you feel your profile should not have been banned, please send an email to [email protected]. Our support team will explain why you were banned and discuss possible reinstatement.

On your first day signing up with MyOpportunity new users get up to 15 leads then our 36hr lock is enforced after your 1st day of registration and only 5 leads per 36 hrs. can be opened. New leads are generated every 24hrs. for the first week you get around 10-15 leads per day. Eventually you get about 3-5 leads per day depending on your profile(s) information, your location and additional regions in your account also the quality of the leads that our AI matching system can generate. You will receive a message when you have exceeded your daily limit of looking at new leads.

Ad Clicks, or simply Clicks, is a marketing metric that counts the number of times users have Clicked on a digital advertisement to reach an online property. Ad Impressions (IMPR) is a count of the total number of times digital advertisements display on our users screen within the MyOpportunity network.

Click on the text Account or your Name in the far right corner of your user Dashboard to access any of your profile types. Then, select View\Edit Profile, if you don’t see your profiles. Now follow (Steps 1-3) 1. Select the correct profile you wish to get the profile link for. 2. The profile menu will open. 3. From the top of the menu, right mouse click on the (VIEW YOUR PROFILE) text and select the Copy Link. This is the URL address that you can use to send someone in an Email that goes directly to your MyOpportunity profile. You can also add one of the Opportunity Brand Resources icons and attach your Opportunity profile URL link to it for use in your website or social media websites. For more information, Click Here.