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Setting up a Link to your Opportunity Profile

Click on the text Account or your Name in the far right corner of your user Dashboard to access any of your profile types. Then, select View\Edit Profile, if you don’t see your profiles. Now follow (Steps 1-3) 1. Select the correct profile you wish to get the profile link for. 2. The profile menu will open. 3. From the top of the menu, right mouse click on the (VIEW YOUR PROFILE) text and select the Copy Link. This is the URL address that you can use to send someone in an Email that goes directly to your Opportunity profile. You can also add one of the Opportunity Brand Resources icons and attach your Opportunity profile URL link to it, for use in your website or social media websites.

Brand Guidelines


We are exited and grateful you want to use the Opportunity Icon on your personal or company website to link to your Profile with us. We want to make it simple and easy for you to use our brand imagery in the right way and appreciate your user support. Let Opportunity continue to help you build your business and personal network, by leveraging our sophisticated AI matching system that connects you to new Opportunities every day.

• Only use and show the logo’s that are downloadable here.

• Do not alter the colors, design of the logo.

• Do not animate the logo.

• The free space around the Opportunity logo should be at least 150% of the width of the Opportunity logo.

• To make certain the logo maintains its visual impact, do not create an image size any smaller than 16 pixels wide.

• Do not animate the logo.

Grouping Icons

The Opportunity Logo may be used by itself or alongside other social style icons. It should be used at equal size next to adjacent icons. Be sure to preserve its shape, proportions and provide enough clear space between logos.

Image Downloads

Image 1, Download File

Image 2, Download File

Image 3, Download File

Image 4, Download File

Image 5, Download File

Image 6, Download File


By using the Opportunity image resources on this site, you agree to follow our Brand Guidelines as outlined on this page, as well as our Terms of Service

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