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Want to invite friends, business colleagues, even family members to use MyOpoortunity and help build your network and theirs. Use the Friend Invite tool to easily send Invite Email(s) with our preformated Invite template, it’s simple. Send up to 5 Email invites per day. Easy to use tools to keep track of people you sent Emails to by date and a single line search tool to find Emails you have already sent.

User Desktop Friend Invite Icon
The Friend Invite Popup Menu

(Invite Friends to Join MyOpportunity Menu) Enter up to 5 Email Address that you want to send invites to join MyOpportunity and hit the Green send button. You can only send 5 invites per day, (24hr) period. To see a preview of the preformated MyOpportunity Email Template that will be sent, click on the Blue preview button. This template may change from time to time depending on if we have new updates, information or promotions to offer. The More Info button will open a menu for Information and Management of the Emails you have sent.

Invite Friends Sent to List Popup Menu

(Invite Friends sent to List Menu) This menu keeps track of all the Emails you send as invites with the date it was sent. You can easil search for Emails you have sent already + a clearr list button to clear the list after your search. You can also select any Email(s) in the list that you want to remove from the list if needed. (Prevent Duplicate Invites) If you ever try to send a repeat invite Email to the same Email address from the Friend Invite Popup Menu again, it will remind you you did and the last date it was sent.

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